• Special Programs

    Mare Stellarum (Mark Twain Chapter National Junior Honor Society)
    The objectives of the Mare Stellarum Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society are as follows:

    • To create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship
    • To develop citizenship
    • To stimulate a desire to serve
    • To promote leadership
    • To instill in our youth exemplary qualities of character.

    Specific requirements are available from the school and are distributed by the homeroom teacher 

    Audio Visual Squad
    The objectives of the Audio Visual Squad are as follows:

    • To provide direct technical assistance for all shows and special events in the areas of lighting, sound and video
    • To help provide technical support for teachers wishing to use equipment in their classrooms not handled by the Computer Squad

    Participants will generally be under the supervision of Mr. Trubnikov and/or Mr. DeCaro and successful participation would certainly fulfill the service requirement for Honor Society membership.

    Senior Yearbook (Reflections)
    Our very elaborate senior yearbook requires a great deal of student and teacher participation. The Creative Writing students handle the written content under the auspices of Ms. Wallach who also oversees the Yearbook Business staff, which is not limited to Creative Writing students. They consistently exceed our expectations in terms of fund raising by scouring the community for advertising, gathering boosters, and generating interest in cluster ads. The design aspects of the yearbook over overseen by Ms. Sutera, and a group of children selected from our Computer/Math Talent classes.

    Our documentary style yearbook captures the year's memories, and tries to appeal to a range of audiences: students, parents, faculty, community members and advertisers though it's primary focus will always be on our graduates so that have a terrific memory of their time here at Twain.

    School Newspaper / Literary Magazine (Pilot 239)
    Eight to twelve pages of news articles, editorials, reviews, political satire and other content handled under the direction of Mr.Polenski and his Creative Writing classes.