• 2018 6L Cluster Contract will be distributed in class!
    Grading Policies will be distributed by each subject teacher.


    ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies supplies. Due date will be announced.

    Required Supplies:

    We strongly recommend labeling all supplies with the student’s full name and class.

    • A RED spiral notebook* labeled “Math”
    • A BLUE spiral notebook* labeled “Social Studies”
    • A GREEN spiral notebook* labeled “Science”.
      • *Expect to replace the notebooks as they fill throughout the year.
    • A BLACK 3-subject spiral notebook labeled “ELA”.
    • Many packs of Loose-leaf paper to be kept at home. Some new loose leaf must be kept in each folder and should be refilled regularly.
    • The following 6 pocket folders (plastic) are required.:
      • One BLUE folder labeled SOCIAL STUDIES
      • One BLACK folder labeled ELA
      • One GREEN folders labeled SCIENCE
      • One RED folder labeled MATH
      • Please purchase TWO additional folders of the following colors based on student’s class (a paper one is fine): 6L1 = Yellow, 6L2 = Green, 6L3 = Blue, 6L4 = Orange, 6L5 = Red. The folder must be labeled in BIG BOLD letters with the student’s full name, homeroom, and label one “Math” and the other “Science”. These folders will be collected by Mrs. Katz/Mrs. Golembe and will be stored the student’s in Math and Science classes.
    • Erasers
    • Two dozen sharpened #2 pencils or mechanical pencils. Three sharpened pencils with should be available everyday. Erasable pens are not substitutes for pencils.
    • A pencil sharpener with a cover and/or extra lead if you’re using mechanical pencils.
    • 200+ index cards (4” x 6”)
    • Blue/black ink pens for ELA, SS, and Sci. (other color ink pens will not be allowed for classwork)
    • 2 red pens for corrections
    • Highlighters in assorted colors
    • A soft pencil case with a zipper
    • 1 binder ring (1" or larger)
    • 2 packs of Post-its (1 pack will be collected)
    • Whiteout tape (NO liquid white out!!)
    • 1 Independent Reading book of your choice!  Please choose books that interest you and are appropriate.
    • A pair of ear buds. NOT BEATS (or anything similar). No giant/oversized headphones allowed.
    • 2 boxes of Tissues and 1 roll of Paper Towels


    Supplies to be kept at home unless instructed to bring in:

    • Graph paper
    • Yellow loose-leaf paper (can be a pad) for ELA first drafts. Please keep 2-3 sheets in the ELA folder for daily use
    • Construction paper/Colored copy paper
    • White copy paper
    • Scissors
    • 1 glue stick
    • 1 hole puncher
    • Stapler with staples
    • 1 package of colored pencils OR crayons
    • Tape
    • A scientific calculator (“TI 34 – Multiview” preferably) labeled with the student’s name and homeroom. This may be kept at home until told otherwise and should not be used on assignments unless instructed to do so.

    Other supplies, as needed, may be announced.


    Please donate to our classroom supplies:

    Disinfectant wipes/Wet Ones wipes, loose leaf paper, copy paper, dry erase markers, boxes of #2 pencils, pens, erasers, and/or pencil sharpeners. Anything you can contribute to your ELA, Math, Science and/or Social Studies classrooms would be appreciated!