• Rules & Regulations


    The school is organized into clusters (mini-schools) of four classes each, with four teachers, in each of the following areas: Communication Arts, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies. The entire cluster meets with these teachers at the same time, enabling the children to be regrouped as necessary.

    An inter-disciplinary approach is stressed and teachers are provided with planning time to develop the inter-relationship among the various subjects In addition, this structure provides for individualization of instruction, enrichment, repudiation, and parent consultation.

    Homework Policy

    The Regulations of the Chancellor mandate a minimum time allotment on homework for students throughout the City. At Mark Twain, have determined that students in grades 6 - 8 must spend minimum of two hours daily on homework.

    Students should:

    • record all assignments in the homework planner
    • routinize themselves by starling their homework at the same time each day
    • have a quiet place to work with no distractions
    • work to the best of their ability
    • assume responsibility for getting and doing missed assignment

    Parents Should:

    • provide support and encouragement that is crucial for the child's performance
    • show interest and concern for the child's success
    • ask about assignments and help, when requested by child
    • expect students to be given homework regularly
    • request homework assignment for extended absences

    Homework Includes:

    • studying class notes for each subject each day
    • reading text materials related to the lessons and assignments
    • doing written assignments neatly
    • working regularly on long range assignments such as book reports, term papers and special assignments
    • practice of talent and skills
    • review of past work

    Student Bus Safety

    Bus safety is a mutual responsibility of staff, parents and pupils. In order to ensure secure, orderly and pleasurable transportation to and from school, pupils are reminded of the following rules for passengers:

    1. At no time are you to stand or sit on the back of seat. The Bureau of Pupil Transportation demands that we seat three pupils to a seat, if necessary. Please do so. Saving seats can endanger students left without a seat.
    2. Wait on the sidewalk for your bus, where it is safe.
    3. Please note that it is illegal for students to ride on a bus other than the vehicle assigned to that student.
    4. Take a seat immediately upon entering a bus. Heads, arms and other extremities must remain inside the bus at all times.
    5. Take notice of traffic each time you embark and disembark.
    6. Be at your stop five minutes prior to the scheduled time.
    7. Be aware that your own reputation, and your school's, will be enhanced by your proper conduct in such situations. In short, we are all seen and judged by others according to our actions.
    8. Be aware that students are responsible for any damage done to the vehicle.
    9. Students who cannot follow these rules will have their bus privileges revoked.


    Pupils are required to bring absence notes signed by a parent or guardian upon return to school following an absence. Pupils absent for religious observance should bring a note beforehand, in order for the absence to be excused.


    It is essential that absolute silence be observed during all emergency procedures in order to be able to hear special instructions and to maintain a calm atmosphere.

    The following signals are used as indicated:

    • 2 Gong: return to homeroom in silence, put on outerwear and wait for signal.
    • Series of 5 Gongs - Shelter Drill: proceed to Shelter Drill Area for the room you are in.
    • Series of 3 Gong - Fire Drill: leave the building via the route indicated for the room you are in.

    If you are in the hallway when a Shelter Drill or Fire Drill signal is sounded, join the nearest class for the duration drill.

    Lunch Program

    The lunch program at Mark Twain offers a unique opportunity for socialization during the day for children within their own clusters. Early in the school year each parent is responsible for completing a federal lunch application form. This form is to be brought back to school whether a request is made for free lunch, reduced or full price lunch, and even from bag lunch students. Meals are served under the direction of our full time lunch manager in our fully equipped kitchen. Our cafeteria serves many hot and cold food choices and includes a "Mini Energy Factory:" - sample daily choices are fried chicken, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fried potatoes and salads. A special dessert area is available for ice cream, milk, and other desserts. A salad bar is available.

    Lunch passes are distributed to all pupils and are required for admission to the cafeteria. Children who lose their passes will not be given a replacement unless the circumstances warrant it, and after contact with their parent.

    Report Cards

    You will receive a report four times each school year. Please examine this report carefully, sign it and have it returned promptly. If a teacher changes a mark, it will be initialed. For the fourth reporting period you are to keep the report card for your records. In addition to a mark in each subject area, your child will receive a rating in conduct.

    The number of days of absence and lateness is indicated for each quarter. To arrive at a total for the year, add all the quarters. If the student receives a failing mark or unsatisfactory rating or if you have any questions, please contact the subject teacher or grade supervisor.

    Interpretation of Ratings

    Subject Area Ratings
    Recommended Parental Action
    Ratings in percents in multiples of5 except in single units above 90  
    90 + = superior  
    80-85 = above average  
    70-75 = average  
    65 = below average but passing Contact subject area teacher
    Below 65 = failure Contact subject area teacher

    H = Honors
    NOTE: Passing standards Honors = 75% Contact subject area teacher if grade is below 76%

    "A'' next to a rating = Accelerated Course taken for one unit of high school credit to be granted upon passing of course and passing of regents or proficiency examination (8th grade only).

    Conduct Ratings
    Recommended Parental Action
    "E" = Excellent  
    "G" = Good  
    "S" = Satisfactory  
    "N" = Needs Improvement Contact subject area teacher
    "U" = Unsatisfactory Contact grade supervisor or guidance counselor

    Personal Property

    Please do not bring items to school that are distracting and extraneous, such as tape recorders, walkmans, radios, playing cards, water-guns, etc. Items that are required for a particular class should be left with the teacher until needed.
    All outer clothing, including jackets and hats, must be locked in the homeroom wardrobe. A lock, purchased from the athletics department, must be used to secure belongings during the physical education period. All articles and lock must be removed at the end of the period.

    Special School Expenses

    Our school's programs have expenses that go above and beyond the very tight Department of Education budget. Our extensive programs require equipment and materials not generally supplied by the Department of Education. We, therefore, must ask for modest fees from the children during the course of the term to help defray some of these special costs.

    Special Event

    Some of the programs at the school culminate in special presentations, usually held in the evenings. These include Drama, Dance and Music. In order lo help raise funds for the school, tickets are sold. These performances have always been of very high quality and a source of pride to our school.

    Student/Parent Homework Planner

    Each child will be requested to purchase a Homework Planner at the beginning of the school year. The Homework Planner will provide an organized method of noting daily homework responsibilities and significant information about our school and district. In the event of loss, your child is required to purchase another at $5.00 per copy.