• 8th Grade Social Studies Course Goals

    The eighth grade SocialStudies curriculum, in accordance with the New York State Learning Standards,The National Council for Social Studies, and the Common Core LearningStandards, will enable students to :


    1. Analyze primary sourcedocuments of various mediums.


    2. Independently write document based essays.


    3. Engage in collegialdiscussions.


    4. Research using multiplemethods that include but are not limited to: library skills, internet research,and analysis of primary sources.


    5. Evaluate the reliabilityof texts, sources, and other tools of historical analysis.


    6. Conduct a research projectwith a self-constructed thesis following proper rules of academic citation.


    7. All of these goals will bemet through a study of New York and  United States history 1860-present withspecial emphasis placed on linking the present to past events.