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  • Hackathon Sunday, Dec 10, 2017

    Pictures and more to follow. Here's the theme for this year's Hackathon.

    Download Theme Here 


    Our Choir Performed at Last Night's Parachute Jump Lighting Ceremony

    ... and you can see video and read about it at these two links.




    is239.schoolwires.com Domain About to Change

    On little to no notice, our web site address is going to change. Currently, we've been designated as ny18000436.schoolwires.net, and our address of over a decade, is239.schoolwires.com, has been redirecting to that cryptic ny## address. We've requested that the vendor (blackboard.com) continue redirecting is239.schoolwires.com but they've made it clear that they've been doing that as a favor with a limited lifespan and we're concerned it will discontinue with this URL transition.

    In any case, the new address is likely to be twain239.net and we'll create links or redirects from all other domains we own (twain239.org which is our Google G-Suite site, is239.net, twain239.com, the DOE school web site system, etc. Please be patient with the transition. We're involved with multiple vendors and systems and it's likely some things will take longer than others. If you're desperate to access something from the site, should you be unable to get to it during the transition, email prubin3@twain239.org. 

    NJHS / Care Packages for our Troops

    The NJHS will be assembling care packages for our troops. The following items should be brought in because the specific troops are deployed to an African orphanage:

    baby bottles, formula, new twin sheets, small toys, children's shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, shaving cream/gel, black hair ties, power/cereal/protein/granola bars, ramen noodle packs, Girl Scout Cookies, Beer or Pork Jerky/Slim Jims (no pork), instant drink packs.

    Collection will be carried out from Monday, Dec 4 through Friday, Dec 11. If you have specific questions, email eobrien6@twain239.org.

    Monologue for 2018 Drama Talent Applicants

    Suggest you download and print this PDF ASAP.

    Yearbook Ads (Deadline Dec 11)

    Download and print this PDF and follow the instructions if you have any interest is placing an ad in our senior yearbook. Deadline is December 11 for guaranteed inclusion in the yearbook.

    District 21's November Newsletter

    Download and view this PDF


    Fall 2017 Has Been Good to CW Talent

    Click to see what's going on of late in Creative Writing Talent.

    Documents Available to Download from Open Houses 

    Click to See Downloadable Documents 

    Important Dates HS Admissions

    Click Here!!

    HS Admissions Info from Guidance
    Click Here!!


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